Oman Adventure Center

Discover the Oman Adventure Center, your gateway to thrilling adventure experiences in Khasab, Musandam. Experience the world’s longest zipline over open water, enjoy Padel Tennis, witness dolphin sightings, Tradition, Culture, good food and much more!!! The Oman Adventure Center is easy to find and connects to the Atana Khasab Hotel, a 3-star retreat with a picturesque pool and delightful seafood offerings.

Booking your adventure is simple – check out our experiences or contact us via email, WhatsApp or call. We’re excited to welcome you soon!

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Khasab Castle

Khasab Fort is located on the eastern side of the Wilayat of Khasab in the old part of the city. This fort was built on


Thrilling underwater moments Get ready to explore the pristine marine life in Musandam through underwater excursions, guided by local diving instructors. Surrounded by the warm

DJ & Pool Party

Khasab’s glamour is offered by its terrace, hosting the best sunsets of the Gulf of Oman, and of course the best Pool and DJ parties.