Atana Sustainable Garden

In the interest of sustainability and in order to provide a healthy environment for our visitors, Atana Hotels management implemented a landscape project, in three phases. It began with planting more than 800 shrubs throughout Atana Musandam Resort, adding a vibrant aesthetic touch to the location. It was followed by positioning environmentally friendly solar lights […]

Best time to visit Musandam

This is the best time to visit Musandam, between October and March, which are the winter months. However, the weather is fairly warm throughout the year. The lowest temperature in the cold months is 24°C and it could increase to 39°C from June to August.  Musandam is not any destination; it is a governorate, a […]

Mother’s Day 2022

Atana Hotels celebrates Mother’s Day in its own way! Most countries in the Middle East and North Africa celebrate Mother’s Day on the 21st of March, and Oman is no exception. To commemorate this day, Atana Hotels hosted a celebration to show support and appreciation for the local mothers in Khasab. After welcoming them, General […]