A Trip to Al-Shaykh Masood​​

Atana Hotels team carried out a voluntary campaign to the shrine of Al-Shaykh Masood at the bottom of Jabal Al Harf, with the aim of shedding light on the value of historical destinations. Many thanks to Atana Ambassadors for their collective effort and interest in highlighting the landmarks of Musandam in the best way.

Ras Al-Shaykh Masood is a mountainous site between Bukha and Khasab on the outskirts of the mountains, where the village of Al-Harf is located. Al-Shaykh Masood was a tourist visitor, and he was heading to perform the rites of Hajj, but during the passage of his ship in the waters of Musandam, it was hit by strong storms that led to the death of Al-Shaykh Masood and three of his companions. Later after their drowned bodies were found, they were buried in a shrine that gave the place its name.

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