In Arabic we have a saying that goes along the lines of “the closest route to ones heart is through their appetite”

Don’t miss out on our unique dining experiences, which together with the beautiful location, set you up for a truly memorable experience of your visit to the north of our beautiful country.

And if you are really keen on trying something new, why not try our ‘Fresh catch of the day’ activity: catch a fish from Musandam sea, and allow us to cook it to your preference! Or just ask for the fresh catch of the day, and let us do both the catching and cooking for you.

Al Mawra Restaurant

`Al Mawra` is the traditional name of a cooking stove in Omani homes in the Sharqiyah region.

Al Mawra is Atana`s signature all day dining experience where, in addition to the international cuisine, we also offer you the opportunity to try traditional Omani and fusion Omani treats.

At Atana Khasab, the restaurant is set overlooking the swimming pool and sea, with outdoor seating when the weather calls for it.

Finyon Cafe 

Our Cafe’s at Atana derived their name from the local regions welcoming customs and traditions. An Omani would normally welcome you with a cup of Qahwa (coffee), and in local Khasab dialect ‘Finyon’ is what some locals call the Qahwa cup.

Atana Khasab’s cafe, Finyon, is located in a pleasant outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy the breeze and hear the waves. It’s a favorite spot for reading a book, having a chat, or observing the view over a light snack or a few cocktails. Finyon also offers a wide selection of tea, coffee, sandwiches, scones, cakes pastries and other snacks.

Darts Bar

The main hotel bar serving a wide selection of beverages and light snacks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Room service

Available till midnight, our room service menu has an extensive choice of food and beverage items to satisfy your hunger pangs.