Welcome to Atana Khasab


Atana Khasab

Omani`s welcome their guests by taking them into the "Majlis" – a room for receiving guests.

Atana Khasab`s reception has been designed in a manner to make the guest walk into our Omani Majlis.

All across the hotel, you will get to experience the different Shades of Oman.

Atana Khasab reflects the ‘modern and young’ shade of Oman, with a collection of Omani popart created by a young Omani artist:

Maymoona Al Dhanki, and photographs by a set of talented Omani photographers.

Experience an inspiring stay at Atana Khasab Hotel  Resort: the perfect choice for Musandam visitors.

Located in one of the best spots in the Sultanate, the hotel reflects the spirit of the country, featuring state of the art facilities and services that will cater your needs.


From Dubai
  • Drive through the Emirates towards Ras Al Khaimah, then cross the Al Darah Border.
  • The hotel is 38 km from the border.
  • Ensure you are carrying your passport, driver`s license, vehicle insurance and other documents required for border crossing.

From  Muscat
  • Oman Air flies directly to Khasab airport, the hotel is 10 minutes from the airport.
  • Oman`s National Ferry Company (NFC) operates from Muscat to Khasab, the hotel is 5 minutes from Khasab port.